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Color Your World

Why Do Colors Matter? 

Your home is your castle, and also, your sanctuary.  Therefore, each detail, especially color, reflects you and your family’s personality as well as the function for each room.

Colors each have a feeling of their own and so using colors to enhance “the living” in the room, as well as the physical room itself, is important. 

For instance, red energizes, yellow stimulates, and blue can be calming.  From that basic beginning, you can combine the messages so that each area of your home speaks to you and your guests with the beauty and impact that you wish.

Enhance Physical Space

Size, Shape, Lighting

Wall color can even affect the perceived size and shape of a room.  Depending on the abundance of windows offering natural lighting in an interior room, your choices of color might even need special consideration when LED, incandescent or fluorescent room lighting is used at night.

What about the style and type of woodwork in each room?  You might feel locked into a palette because of the color of your wood.  But… a skilled professional painter can be very helpful in showing homeowners how best to use colors in any room to bring the maximum decorating enhancement that you desire.  

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